Breakwater IT recognises the importance of providing solutions to keep businesses mobile, enhancing the opportunities for productivity, regardless of where an employee is based. Our engineers appreciate that, with improvements in connectivity and the proliferation of internet-enabled devices, modern business is no longer confined to the office. We also recognise that employees want the freedom to work from a device of their choosing and are experienced in managing the security and compliance surrounding this bring your own device (BYOD) technology. We discuss clients’ communication needs and help both business owners and employees stay connected across a variety of channels, from accessing company systems to using the telephone and responding to emails.

Working with key partners such as Microsoft, Citrix and Cisco, our team have designed and delivered a range of mobility solutions for clients across the UK. From messaging via public cloud solutions, such as Office 365, to published applications and full desktop experiences within a private cloud that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, Breakwater IT will work with you to identify and deliver the right mobility solution for your business.