Mobile Solutions

Mobile is becoming more of a headache for businesses, with more providers, handsets and all the networks saying they have the best coverage, how do businesses really know?

We do not tie ourselves in to volume targets with any of the networks or manufacturers, as we believe we need to provide you with the correct solution, not what’s best for theirs.

We can offer all the major networks; Vodafone, O2 and EE (incorporating T-Mobile and Orange). This allows us to provide a totally impartial view and recommendation to your business, which we believe is why we win business from some of our competitors that only work with one network.

When it comes to handsets, the question we are always asked is ‘which handset should we go for?’ We believe this is a very personal choice, so we work with all departments and decision makers to support your business in making an informed decision about which handset would work best for each department or member of staff.


Visit East Anglia, Keith Brown

As part and parcel of being a not-for-profit company, budget is very important to us and Breakwater have delivered everything we required including a new telephone system, broadband provision and mobile phones all within budget.
Visit East Anglia, Keith Brown