IT Solutions

At Breakwater, we consider it vital for businesses to be able to continually re-evaluate their technology needs to ensure they have the right solutions in place to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency benefits.[24-08-16] PHIL BARNES PHOTOGRAPHY (38 of 41).jpg

We have partnered with some of the most forward-thinking and recognisable names in the business and, acting as a trusted adviser, we look beyond selling individual products - working closely with clients to provide the best technologies for their business needs.

Our technical team offers a high level of expertise and know-how, advising organisations on the, at times, daunting selection of products available in this continually evolving field.


‘Cloud’ services are essentially IT solutions that are provided from outside your corporate network via the internet. These services can be hugely beneficial to a business as they allow traditional capital investment in IT to be converted into a known operating cost. IT usage can be scaled according to a client’s needs and mobility and disaster recovery services are enhanced as they are now available from any internet connection.

Cloud services that are provided by a third party, such as Office 365, can be purchased on a subscription model and are referred to as ‘public cloud.’ A more recent term is ‘private cloud’, referring to client-owned IT infrastructure that is located off-premise, such as servers located in an offsite data centre.


In addition to our cloud services, we are also able to supply ‘on-premise’ solutions. On-premise is essentially software that is installed on your computers, within your premises, as opposed to within a remote facility.