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Consumer file sync and share can quickly get expensive for your business

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Cloud-based, anywhere-access file sharing is something that is increasingly demanded by the needs of your organisation. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share data within your company, and DattoDrive is a true built-for business solution that really works.

Datto and Breakwater are able to offer free access to this software for the first year (up to 1 TB)

To make the most of the efficiencies DattoDrive has to offer, simply sign up here today.

Backed by the DattoCloud, the Drive will bring together all of your business files, enabling them to be shared easily and from any location or device. Files saved to your DattoDrive can automatically sync to all your computers and are accessible from your phone and tablet; and if your computer melts you can restore all your files from the DattoDrive website with just a few clicks.

Access: Enable anywhere, anytime access from any device, regardless of where the data lives.

Control: User-friendly wizard enables quick integration with existing software, including SharePoint

Management: Combines the new technology of the Drive with existing authentication, authorisation, logging, monitoring, database and backup systems.

DattoDrive represents fast and affordable file sharing, if you’d like to find out a little more before you sign-up then simply contact us using the details below:

Eric Hoffbauer
E: eric.hoffbauer@breakwaterit.co.uk

James Long
E: james.long@breakwaterit.co.uk

T: 01603 709300

The one free year for The DattoDrive Kickoff One Year Promotion is a minimum of 365 days if accepted on the first day of the month, and begins on the day that the offer is accepted (not when the offer is granted), and the DattoDrive account goes active. If the offer is accepted on a day other than the first day of a month, then the The DattoDrive Kickoff One Year Promotion free offer rate will extend until the end of the last day of that month.

After your free month, DattoDrive costs just £10 month/TB for an unlimited number of business users.