IT Infrastructure (Data Networks and Server Virtualisation)

Breakwater offers a range of solutions to develop and maintain a business’s IT infrastructure, ranging from system upgrades, to new networking solutions and the consolidation of server hardware.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Investment in IT can be a way of driving efficiency and growth within a business, and Breakwater’s team of experienced engineers are able to work with businesses to identify opportunities for change and upgrades within their IT infrastructure.

There may be a number of reasons why a business might want to consider a system upgrade, ranging from the need to increase capacity and scalability to the integration of cloud services, desire to leverage new technologies and as part of a corporate IT refresh lifecycle. Whatever the reason, Breakwater will work with you to design and deliver the most appropriate solution for your business needs. From Windows XP and Small Business Server upgrades, to high-availability server deployments across multiple sites, our engineers have extensive experience of delivering cost-effective infrastructure upgrades.

Data Networks

Breakwater provides a range of connectivity solutions to underpin a business’s network; giving you confidence and reliability, whilst optimising your ability to exchange data and communicate efficiently. Our team works with you to deliver the networking solution you require, from increasing capacity, to deploying structured cabling within a new project built and installing a centrally managed wireless network across different geographical locations. We partner with some of the most recognisable and trusted vendors in the industry, including Cisco, HP, Aruba and Draytek.

Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation is, in simple terms, software that removes the dependency between operating systems and hardware; meaning new software no longer requires a corresponding physical server on which to run. The ability to consolidate server hardware by running multiple operating systems on one physical server offers allows businesses to benefit from reduced capital expenditure, whilst enabling greater scalability and recovery options.  In addition to the cost savings offered by consolidating hardware, virtualisation also offers other benefits including reduced demands on physical space, independent systems to test new applications, and reduced downtime from maintenance issues. 

For cost-conscious businesses virtualisation may mean their entire server infrastructure can be consolidated into a single physical server, whereas in more demanding environments the virtualisation of multiple servers allows for the design of highly resilient and scalable hardware solutions, eliminating single points of failure.