Cloud Services

Demystifying ‘The Cloud’

The term ‘the cloud’ has long since passed into common usage, but surprisingly few understand what it is or what use it may be to their business. In simple terms ‘the cloud’ is ‘the internet’, and therefore cloud services are any IT solution or service that is provided from outside of your corporate network via the internet.

Cloud services are beneficial to businesses because they allow traditional capital investment in IT to be converted into a known operating cost. Such services enable businesses to scale their usage according to their needs, and can enhance mobility and disaster recovery by being available from any internet connection.

Services provided by a third party which can be purchased on a subscription model (such as Office 365) are referred to as ‘Public Cloud’. A more recent term is ‘Private Cloud’ which refers to client-owned IT infrastructure that is located off-premise – typically this would be a server(s) located in an offsite data centre.

Cloud-based services are not suitable for all businesses, reliable communication links are essential and some business owners prefer to be able to ‘touch’ their infrastructure. Why not contact us today to discuss how the cloud may benefit your business?