Secure your Business with Network Video

We install and support a wide range of market-leading surveillance solutions; these are high quality, easy to use products that will help to protect your premises and employees – whatever the nature or size of your organisation.

Breakwater – an AXIS Authorised Partner


As an AXIS Authorised Partner we install the premium network security products on the market.

Why AXIS? – the answer to this is simple, they are at the forefront of technology in their field. AXIS invented the world’s first network video camera back in 1996 and have since maintained their focus on continual innovation, with new products and software enhancements year on year.

What does this mean for you? – AXIS have a vast product portfolio, backed up by technology based on years’ of experience and expertise, ensuring the right type of camera for your business needs.

Working together we offer you:

  • A wide selection of products to suit your specific requirements
  • Complete reliability
  • Expertise when you need it, including servicing and support
  • Professional system design, installation and configuration

The cameras

The portfolio of cameras available is vast; from fixed to highly discreet modular varieties, along-side panoramic and thermal cameras – but they all have one thing in common, high quality of image in any light conditions.

Our team works to understand the conditions your business operates in and the coverage you wish to achieve through your security network, we can then advise on the best solutions for your organisation – whether this is a robust outdoor camera or an unobtrusive camera for sensitive environments. 

A hugely beneficial attribute of the AXIS product range is its ability to produce premium image quality in all light conditions – many models have infrared illuminators that even allow for capturing video in total darkness.

Your hosted video network experience

We want you to leverage the maximum benefit from your network security system, in order to do this you need to be able to analyse the activity captured by your cameras – this is where our relationship with Morphean comes in.

Morphean specialises in hosted video survelliance, video analysis and incident detection – enabling us to offer you the full security package; right through from that initial installation to ongoing support and maintenance and the final step – realising applicable business information from your video images.

Linking seamlessly with the AXIS camera range, Morphean’s Video Protector includes intelligent and predictive features that enable you to evaluate human behaviour and detect intrusion.

Video Protector is more than just a portal to monitor your network security cameras, it has been developed by highly skilled engineers, research centres and universities to produce a product that has an abundance of different analytics and incident detection technologies based on advanced artificial intelligence.

With Video Protector you can do more than simply play back your recordings – features include:

  • People counting
  • Heat mapping, to show high areas of traffic within an office or retail environment
  • Set virtual borders that trigger a notification to the monitoring centre
  • Assign loitering triggers
  • Prompts for activity at ground level (handy for care homes to show individuals that may have fallen)
  • Detection of specific noises, ie breaking glass or aggression

These complex capabilities are made simple with an easy to navigate web portal and free applications for Apple or Android mobile devices - meaning that you can quite literally monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Get in touch today and we will happily talk you through the range of security network devices available and the best products for your organisation.