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Connecting to a career in IT

IT, unquestionably, remains an ever-evolving industry and at Breakwater we really do take satisfaction in being able to re-direct this growth to other organisations who are perhaps not experts in the field – sharing the cutting edge technology that is now available to them to support their day to day interactions.

We have a team of skilled technicians and account managers that work with clients to understand their needs, supporting them and communicating the wide range of solutions available from some of the world’s leading technology providers.

Of course, our team members were not always as knowledgeable as they are today and all found their own routes into the IT industry. We wanted to give you a taster of the stories behind the team and hope you enjoy having a read of our Q&A – each month quizzing a new Breakwater employee.

Breakwater is an equal opportunities employer.

Q&A with one of our Level 2 Service Desk Professionals, David Loveridge:

So, why IT?

IT was definitely one of my most favoured subjects at school and I decided that this would be the field I would like to build a career in. When I left school I found a junior IT role within a local book manufacturing company – this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn on the job and pick up some valuable technical skills along the way.

I’m also a keen photographer and this really complemented my decision to learn more about IT and technology – particularly when I had to keep updating my PC to meet the demands of photo editing.

Did you need any particular qualifications to get started in the IT industry?

Not especially, I had GCSE and A-Level qualifications in IT – however these were not required for the trainee role that kick-started my career, they simply proved I had an interest in the industry.

Qualifications are, of course, important as you progress and as technology changes but ‘hands on’ experience is key too. In a way my ‘extra curricular’ IT pursuits, such as building my own PC, were more valuable and I have always been driven to take on extra knowledge through practical application.

Do you get experience on the job & what’s the most important thing you have learnt?

I would say that 80% of what I have learnt is through on the job experience. I find that having tangible, real-world issues to explore can be more beneficial than hypothetical, textbook-based problems. Breakwater has taught me to take a step back, look at the enquiry and explore how it originated, following logical steps to resolve it.

What’s a typical day for you like at Breakwater?

The great thing about IT is it is varied, my day involves a range of different tasks – including proactive work such as monitoring systems to ensure they are running smoothly, talking to clients to log and prioritise enquiries and working on more intricate, longer term projects.

Can you give us an insight into the ‘human’ side of Breakwater life?

There are a number of social events arranged by Breakwater throughout the year that give us all the opportunity to get to know each other outside of work – this is really important as it helps to build a strong team.

We are also given our birthdays off as an additional holiday day, which for me is an extra day that I can spend with my young family.

Another great incentive is ‘time off Fridays’ – based on achieving a target set by our Service Delivery Manager we can either leave an hour early or start an hour later.

IT is a vast, ever-changing field – what aspect of it do you most enjoy?

For me, the most interesting part of IT is interacting with new technologies – not necessarily the most recent software release or latest cloud-based solution, but just exploring the capabilities of technologies that are new to me.

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Level 1 Service Desk Professional

I am part of our first line of support for clients – the Service Desk. As a Level 1 Professional, I respond to incoming enquiries, resolving any issues and providing guidance to businesses.

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